CJAD News: Vote Party hopes to make election Monday, a Funday

Posted on 10/5/2015 5:15:00 AM by James Foster

A new website is hoping to help millennials exercise their right to vote in the next federal election.

Voteparty.ca was designed to let more civic-minded young people make plans with their friends to go vote together on October 19th.

“Then head out to a party and meet some other people and kind of make a fun Monday out of it. We're hoping that in this way it's not intimidating. It creates a personal one to one connection that is missing from a lot of election get your vote out campaigns right now,” spokesperson Crystal Chan told CTV Montreal.

Chan hopes that face to face conversations between peers will encourage more youths to get out and vote.

Over the last four decades, voting rates among younger Canadians have been decreasing.

In 2011 only 38.8% of young Canadians voted.

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