You are invited to more than 25 election night vote parties across Canada – National online #VoteParty tonight!


Monday, October 19, 2015

OTTAWA – Today, the initiative invited the public and media to come to any of the more than 25 election night vote parties in cities in 7 provinces at: 

Anyone can register their election night party on that webpage (non-partisan parties that anyone can attend), and will be sharing the word about all the parties on social media all through election day today. is holding a national #VoteParty tonight.  Share your reaction to the election results, and what’s going on at your local Vote Party, on Twitter with #VoteParty, and on the open Facebook page at: 

#VoteParty promises to be a great party!

Several Canadian celebrities have done promo videos asking voters to Make a #VoteDate at and take a non-voter to vote with you, or Make the #VotePromise at and help a non-voter vote. and are initiatives of Democracy Education Network, since 1993 one of Canada’s leading civics education organizations.

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List of spokespeople

(NOTE: All the spokespeople are young Canadians going to school or working and so they are not always available full-time to speak to the media)

In Ottawa

Laura Ndoria 
Jillian LeBlanc 
Deborah Sogelola


In Toronto

Claire O'Manique


In Montreal

Crystal Chan 


In Halifax

Shauna Doll


In Fredericton

Travis Daley


In Vancouver

Jullian Kolstee


Email: [email protected]



Duff Conacher, Co-founder of Democracy Education Network 

and Spokesperson
Tel: (613) 241-5178
Cell: 416-546-3443

Email: [email protected]



#VoteParty Supporters