CJAD News: Vote Party hopes to make election Monday, a Funday

Posted on 10/5/2015 5:15:00 AM by James Foster

A new website is hoping to help millennials exercise their right to vote in the next federal election.

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CTV News: Vote Party lets youths inspire each other to vote October 5, 2015

In recent years, young people have been notoriously hard to get out to voting stations. One website is giving more civic-minded young people a way to persuade their peers to vote.

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News Release: More celebrities coming to the VoteParty.ca to help young voters Make a #VoteDate for Oct.19

Today, VoteParty.ca released its second Canadian celebrity montage video calling on voters to Make a #VoteDate with a non-voter - all part of VoteParty.ca's campaign to increase the number of voters, especially young voters, who vote.

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National Observer: Celebs urge Canadians to vote as election day nears

VoteParty.ca launched a new nationwide drive on Oct. 2 to boost the number of young voters ahead of the Oct. 19 election

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CBC: Getting Young Voters Out

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News Release: Celebrities coming to VoteParty.ca to help young voters vote

Make a #VoteDate at VoteParty.ca and take a non-voter to vote with you -- National #VoteParty on October 19

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